A large part of Héctor Garrido's work is linked to the environment. Throughout his life he has professed great respect for the nature that surrounds us and for more than twenty-five years he has worked and lived in Doñana, one of the most important National Parks in Europe, dedicated to photography and the observation of nature. He has traveled the five continents of the planet accompanying scientific expeditions and completing his own personal search. For Garrido, we are one with nature.

Incubar la luna
Mirar sin ojos
El final del alambre
La vera
Flamenco 03
Flamenco 06
Todo va a ir a mejor
Flamenco 05
Vera 01
Flamenco 04
Flamenco 06
Water boundaries
Memories of green
The sand trip
Oleaje 02
Tortuga boba, Cabo Verde
Lince ibérico nacido en cautividad, Doñana
Foca leopardo, Antártida
Tortuga boba, Cabo Verde
Koala, Australia
Polluelo de flamenco
Foca leopardo, Antártida
Liebre, Doñana
Estructura, Australia
Zunzuncito, Cuba
Muestreo, Antártida
Sydney, Australia
Pensamiento único, Doñana, España
Cóndor de los Andes. Bariloche, Argentina
Doñana, España
Escalera, Doñana
Salamanquesa, Doñana

I had dreamed of taking a picture in which the moon was like a huge egg in a nest of storks, to play with all the symbology that it encloses and I chose this isolated nest, whose horizon towards the East was the huge plain of the marsh. I waited until the day when the moon's rise coincided with the sunset and I calculated the position where I had to be at the precise moment in which the moon was in the nest. And just then, one of the storks began to flutter giving the sensation of stalking to hatch on a huge egg: the moon.

Héctor Garrido

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