Ethnos is a small set of selected photographs in which the human being anchored to his environment is the center of attention. It is a special series, directly chosen by Héctor Garrido.

What are the "Author Series?

The "author series" contain very special, selected photographs,. Only seven printed units are made from each of these images. Not one more. Each photograph of an "author series" is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that reflects the serial number and the total number of units made. All made under the strictest museum parameters, so that you can acquire an authentic, fully guaranteed work of art.

The author series can also be purchased at 200 x 160 cm, printed on fabric by sublimation. Prices must be consulted.

La primavera asoma
Escalera 02
Aura 1
Habana 01
Luz interior
Intersección en ángulos
Escalera 03
Hershey 03
Habana 07
Fe 01
Habana 10
La Habana 08
Habana 02
Bandera 01
Habana 05
Habana 03
Habana 14
Habana 06
Bandera 02
Habana 09
Bandera 03
Oriente 01
Habana 13
Habana 14
Habana 12
Habana 17
Habana 15
Habana 16
Bandera 04
Habana 17
Oriente 02
Habana 18
Bandera 05
Aura 2
Pescador en la Chorrera
Sancti Spiritus
Sancti Spiritus
Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba
Yemayá connection
Registro de conversaciones

Light is a form of energy that leaves a trace, an indelible mark on a sensitive material, which is photography. The funny thing is that, sometimes fortunately, the simple vision of that footprint can have an effect on people as powerful as a true form of energy. A photograph can cause anger, love, excitement, sadness, crying, hope. The photographic image does not have a true accumulated energy, but it does have enormous potential to cause a new energetic development. And that is where the artistic value of a photograph resides. A powerful image can even have an enduring effect in time: they are those photographs that we saw once and that always return to memory. Its light flew again from the photographic paper, to cross our retina and remain engraved in our memory, in an enduring way. And from that moment, every time it is invoked, it will provoke us again. Forever.

Héctor Garrido

Hector GarridoAerial and human photography
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