Fractal geometry is the language of nature. It is the form of expression of the Universe, in contrast to the forms of classical geometry that make up artificial creation.

Héctor Garrido has been taking aerial photographs for twenty-five years and his images make up a rich world where the search for geometry and the message have set the tone. His series on fractals and the language of the Earth are known worldwide. All his work is done camera in hand, on small planes or helicopters.

What are the "Author Series?

The "author series" contain very special, selected photographs,. Only seven printed units are made from each of these images. Not one more. Each photograph of an "author series" is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that reflects the serial number and the total number of units made. All made under the strictest museum parameters, so that you can acquire an authentic, fully guaranteed work of art.

The author series can also be purchased at 200 x 160 cm, printed on fabric by sublimation. Prices must be consulted.

La isla Mínima
Las Ítacas
Todos los fuegos
Órgano latente
Sombra de un hombre en la sal
Lágrima de un hombre meditabundo
Árbol 06
Grito contenido
Universo -un único verso- interior
El mecanismo oculto del efecto Mariposa
Árbol 01
Árbol 12

When the curtains of the camera sound, something unrepeatable has happened. The landscape, the photographed object, has lived an instant of communion with the photographer who remained leaning on the viewfinder. That form of energy that we know as light has traveled to the sensitive material of the camera and has been absorbed and converted into imperishable information. The time has stopped completely for once. What the photographer saw through the viewfinder, that then, is now part of everyone's memory. There begins the magic of photography.

Héctor Garrido

Hector GarridoAerial and human photography
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