The end of the sky

The end of the sky

The End of the Sky / El Final del Cielo” is the catalog of works from the exhibition of the same name, by Héctor Garrido. Said exposition was made during the coronavirus pandemic that locked up all the inhabitants of Planet Earth for a time still unfinished at the time of writing this text. That is why the exhibition has been designed through a virtual gallery, a unique event in Garrido’s career. For the first time, his works are not exhibited on a physical medium, but rather open to the world of networks, so that they can be visited from every home, from every connection point in the different places of the confined Earth.

Each photograph or diptych from the series "The end of the Sky" is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which reflects the serial number and the total number of units made.

The complete catalog of the series can be visited at this link.

Portada del libro The End of the Sky

I am often asked if to use my aerial photographs I use drones or devices that raise the camera over the landscape. And to answer with sincerity, I try to go beyond a simple no and I try to make the questioner understand why such a thing would never be possible.

And so I try to express that my photographs are made with feelings, with dreams and with memories, which are not the landscape in itself but what I feel in it. And in that creative process, although the main ingredient is, of course, the landscape, the character is definitely the work of the wind that at the moment of shooting the photograph hits my face, of the vertigo that at every turn of my plane seems to leave behind the soul, of the own state of exaltation that produces me to be a conscious reader of what the landscape grammar proposes, of the concatenated sensation of the exploration, the search and the final discovery caused by each shot of the camera and finally of the momentary obfuscation produced for the risk, always present, of being traveling in an air, dangerous and challenging environment.

Those are the spices that add flavor to my images.

Something like this can only be experienced up there, hanging from the air, with the body leaning over the landscape and the camera in hand, dancing with the wind, as in a dream.

Héctor Garrido

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